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The Management of Camping S’Ena Arrubia welcomes you and asks you to observe the following rules, which, if observed, guarantee you and all other guests a tranquil and peaceful stay.

  • On arrival our kind guests are required to leave a valid ID for registration according to law. Within 24 hours the charge for the stay must be paid. We will supply a pass, personal and non-transferable,as a receipt which will allow access and stay on the camping grounds. The pass must be shown on entry, and on other occasions on request by our delegated personnel, also in case of control of the registered guests at the emplacements. On arrival an emplacement will be assigned which may not be changed without the authorisation by the Management.
  • Management reserves itself the right to allow the installation of more than one tent in a spot for a caravan or camper, retaining however the application of full charge for each tent. Whichever successive change of spot must be authorized by Management, such as, similarly, any change in number of persons must be communicated to the check-in desk ahead of time.
  1. For the peace and safety of all, all automobiles may be used within the camping grounds only on arrival, and in order to allow the parking of the caravan or the set-up of the tent. Successively the car must be parked in the specified parking area. If and when it is indispensable to cross the internal street of the camping grounds, a trot must be observed of 10 km/h ( 6 MPH ) at most.
  2. It is emphatically prohibited to: allow access to the camping grounds, without prior authorisation, to non-registered people; light open fires; set up enclosures; furthermore Management reserves itself the right to ban forthwith those clients which it judges by their behavior to disturb the tranquility of others, or to impinge on the rules of the present regulation.
  3. Our dear guests can enter the camping grounds from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM. We beg you to inform and reach agreement with the Reception ahead of time in case you wish to return by car after 11:00 PM.
  4. We beg our kind guests to deliver any lost objects they might find on the camping grounds forthwith to Management. We advise to keep a good eye on personal belongings and to observe necessary precautions: not to leave valuable objects, such as camera’s, video camera’s etc., in your car. Money and precious items should not be left unguarded. Management declines all responsibility for displacement, loss, theft damages caused under ‘Acts of God’, disasters, disorder, etc..
  5. Children must be accompanied to the facilities, showers, to the swimming pool, and to the playing grounds. Attention is required to avoid that their vivacity causes disturbance to other campers. In particular we ask the dear parents to make sure that their children respect the silent hours, and that they do not use their bicycles during resting hours.
  6. Afternoon resting hours: from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Nighttime rest from 12:00 PM to 8:00 AM. During resting hours silence must be observed, as well as respect for others’ tranquility.
  7. In the living quarters of the camping grounds it is not allowed to play musical instruments at whatever time of day. The use of a TV-set is permitted only if its sound-level is not perceived beyond the perimeter of the living-unity. Furthermore it is not allowed to play football or to exercise other sports within the camping grounds, but within the dedicated areas.
  8. It is prohibited to : light open fires or to set up enclosures.
  9. Our kind guests are required to leave their emplacements clean on departure.
  10. Dogs are admitted on the following conditions: they have to wear a muzzle, they must be certifiably vaccinated, they may not cause disturbance, they must be walked outside the camp grounds for their relief, they must always be kept on a leash. Their owners will always be held responsible for damages caused by the animals to persons or objects.

The present regulation is distributed on the moment of arrival. Entry on the camping grounds constitutes, therefore, complete acceptance of it. Any person to transgress this regulation will be asked to leave the campsite immediately.

Thank you

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